I was fortunate to spend the year 2000 in Paris, living in the 6th
Arrondisement near the Jardin Luxembourg and Boulevard Saint Germain.
The year was dedicated to experiencing the French life-style, traveling
Europe, learning French, and of course, painting.
There were many opportunities to learn the Parisians’ life-style, which
is certainly vibrant, with a robust love of life. Many galleries, fantastic
restaurants, and beautiful boutiques were within a moment’s walk in
any direction from my flat.
This collection of paintings, mostly painted in our Paris studio,
were inspired by the neighborhoods of Paris and European travels.
Our artworks exhibit several different styles... a reflection of mood,
subject material and the influences of French artists, as well as scenes
from several countries we visited: Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Ireland,
the Netherlands, Germany and many regions of France.